When I was 12 years old my Papa bought a Char-Griller offset smoker so he and I could set up all night and smoke some BBQ. He never has been much of a cook but he knew I had a passion for both cooking and eating and found this to be a great opportunity for us to do something together. Papa is always thinking of others first, especially the kids. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that then and being a young kid the fun of staying up all night wore off in about 2 hours. I was ready to go to bed and left Papa to tend the fire alone.  He put the smoker in be barn a short period of time after that night, never to be used again. Needless to say that has been a story he has told through the years every time we sit down and eat BBQ, purchased from a restaurant of course. Now fast forward about 14 years and I have the BBQ bug. Papa promptly reminded me once again of our one and only BBQ adventure and that he still had the smoker tucked away in the midst of all his other “junk” he can’t bring himself to get rid of. This time it paid off. We dug it out of the barn, cleaned it up, replaced the rotted wood shelf on the front and fired it up. 

This began the journey of successes and failures on various BBQ pits that led me to where I am today. Smoking around the South East on custom designed and built smokers, making friends, winning trophies and eating ALOT of barbecue. Any time you are out on the BBQ trail and see Big Red's Barbecue, please stop by and say Hi!

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Competition barbecue at its best!


Josh Allison
Pitmaster/Head Cook

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